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Patrick J. Silva

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Mr. Silva started representing those accused of DUI over 12 years ago. We like to say we represent the “falsely” accused. He is a member of the CALIFORNIA DUI LAWYERS ASSOCIATION, which is a close-knit membership of DUI Attorneys whose main goal is the representation of those accused of DUI. Patrick J. Silva is also a member of the NATIONAL COLLEGE FOR DUI DEFENSE, which is compromised of the “best” DUI attorneys in the nation. Hire a DUI Lawyer from the Best DUI Law Firm and get the DUI facts about the Drunk Driving Myths.

Attorney Patrick J. Silva has focused his law practice on defending those who have been accused of driving under the influence. We represent good folks both in the criminal court system and in the DMV proceedings. Mr. Silva is certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST). He has completed 24 hours of intense training under the guidelines set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It is “only” through this specialized training that allows an attorney to effectively cross-examine a police officer on the stand about how he “screwed” up when he was giving the test. Hire a DUI lawyer from the best DUI law firm and get the DUI facts about the drunk driving myths.

A quick story, the other day, I was in a DMV hearing, and I was cross-examining the officer. Some of the highlights made me almost laugh out loud. The officer could not identify the 3 SFST. As you read this, you probably already know that they are the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN), Walk and Turn (WAT), and the One Leg Stand (OLS). As we went through the cross-examination the officer could not identify the 3 validating clues in the HGN, and he did not know how many clues were needed to believe that my client might have been over a .08. The Officer did not know the 8 clues associated with the WAT, in fact he made up other clues as he went along. I did finally start to smurk as he failed to understand the OLS or the 4 clues associated with that test. Hire a DUI lawyer from the best DUI law firm and get the DUI facts about the drunk driving myths.

What was really funny was that 2 weeks after the officer arrested my client, he went to an SFST class. This was when my cross really got interesting. As we went through his failures in giving the SFST he had to agree that he gave the SFST wrong on several, several occasions.

I also have over 15 hours of training on the Datamaster DMT breath machine. I am the owner of the Alcosensor IV PAS breath machine, which is the most widely used roadside breath tester in So. Cal.

Expert Witnesses

There are 2 main types of experts that testify in DUI cases, SFST Experts and Forensic Toxicologists. I believe that I have assembled the best experts to be a part of my team. I do not limit myself to just the locally known experts. I have retained experts as far as Mississippi to come and testify in a trial because they were the best on the national level. We have other attorneys in the firm that focus on personal injury., ,