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Is my license suspended?


Q. I was stopped by California Highway Patrol and given a DUI. When I was released I was given back my License. Many people are saying that if they suspend your license they wont give it back to you or will give you a temporary until you have a hearing with the DMV. I did not even get a pink slip to have a hearing with the DMV. I did all the road side test and did well I think, when I was done with that the officer had me do the breathalyzer and that’s when they slapped the cuffs on me. I did not get to see what I blew, they had me also do a more official breathalyzer in the back seat of the car with a different slightly bigger breathalyzer. It was that or do the blood test when I got to the station, I chose the breathalyzer.

A. Your license might be suspended already. Some clients have told me that the officer didn’t issue the suspension order, but we found out DMV received a copy saying the officer did put it in the client’s property. You should talk to a local DUI attorney. If the deadline passed because you didn’t get the notice, your attorney may be able to get a hearing.

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