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Where can I find my DUI school records of completion?


Hello this is Attorney Patrick Silva with another answers to one of you most frequently asked questions. Recently I was ask where can I find my Dui school records of completion? The records of completion are going to be maintained by the school, however in your particular case you moved out state you’ve come back to California you go to the DMV and they inform you that you have to provide proof and your thinking wait a minute I provided proof before I left. Now there telling you have to provide proof or do the class all over again. I would recommend doing to the school seeing if they have records, you might trying going to the DMV itself and getting a copy of your H6. If the school gave the department of motor vehicles a copy of the completion it would have been filed it would show up on your H6. If for some reason the court doesn’t see that, then you can take a copy of the H6 add yourself onto the calendar and show the H6 to the court. Hope this has been informative. Have a great day

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